BM Cleaning Schedule and Worker Details

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下個星期俾完Gary 睇改完再俾老細改唔知會變左咩樣...相信都幾難認得出...
Re    :    BM Cleaning Schedule and Worker Details
We write further to the teleconversations between your Mr Kong and our Mr Eddy Leung on 13 January 2007 concerning the captioned matter.
During the numerous teleconversations between your Mr C. H. Chan and our Mr Eddy Leung since late of November 2006, Mr Chan agreed to provide the monthly cleaning schedule and the personal data of the cleaning staff of the captioned premises before 5 January 2007. However, we didn't receive any form of the mentioned document till 15 January 2007.
Please kindly be informed that we will consider to freeze the payment for the cleaning contract ( Ref. ) or even terminate it if your company still failed to provide the mentioned document on or before 19 January 2007. Meanwhile, it will be treated as the behavior of failed to comply the contract agreement. To avoid delaying the payment and destroying our good relationship, please look into the captioned matter.
Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact our Mr Eddy Leung or Mr Gary Hui on 2521 3410.

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